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    Dear members and friends,
    We thank you for your efforts spreading smiles! All of you are part in an unique way and participate differently, still working towards the common goal to give joy to another. For the Moringa recipes to create tasty and nutritious food, the work for school children and awareness programs to enhance learning, the poor feedings you do and support and many more things - thank you! Keep smiling, all the best!

  • Teacher´s Forum
    Join our teacher´s forum in the blog space to exhange about the future of school. Anybody is invited to join, school is a reflection of society so what ever concerns society has to be focused on in school. Todays´ children are the future.
  • Life management
    Be honest when in trouble and be simple when in wealth. 
    Be polite when in authority and be silent when in anger. This is called The life management. ACP

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Or like to Donate us,

Do you like smiling? Then you are welcome to join! The moment you smile, somebody else will smile on this world. You will receive a reward for being part of this project. Children, you are not spending any money, that's on adults. But what about drawing your favourite place, making a friendship-band or crafting a paper animal to give somebody a reason to smile?

Let's see how many smiles we can distribute on 9th October 2015! Check the balance once in a while and don't hesitate to invite people to join
:-) Evamaria

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