Frequently Asked Question - FAQ

What Is Just1Smile Programme?

The world is going more in the direction of capital and money oriented everything is valued in terms of how much it cost. The end result is loss of simple smile Our endeavour is if we can just put a smile on someone we have devalued the money and valued the life love and affection, this means the balance is tilted towards human life and its healthy living.

How can you do this?

Simple all a member needs to do is take a picture of an associate and go to the web site and load the picture . Now you are a member and all you have to do is value that smile of somebody with whom you took the picture it can be one dollar per year or one dollar a week or one dollar a month or one dollar a day. Now having valued it you need to put in that as a smile account on that person who you decide is a needy or is a contributor.

If the person is a needy then all you need to do is fill up the form and tell the world what the need is and how we can help put a smile back on the needy.

If you are a contributor then just accumulate your smile and we will keep that contribution until you decide as what we need to do and to whom this smile point can be transferred.

What does it mean?

Well this is a programme where everyone over a period of time collect smile points and accumulate it and then in leisure decide what they want to do with their smile point . If they want to give to needy or just keep accumulating it or trade it with the year end sale when all over we meet.

Is it a Charity or Business?

This is just spread of smile and it is not a business or charity all we want to do is devalue the money component and convert it into smile points and every time you like to smile with another who is in need of smile in his life just add in your account and it is not a big money just one dollar or just half a cup of coffee or just a tip that is given to someone.

SO how is this different from other programmes?

In this programme we never spend any money as per our discretion but you decide to whom it must be transferred and it is always reflected in the web page that is created for this purpose. You can contribute as little as one dollar per year to just share a smile with others in this world and your entire one dollar will be spent the way you want it to be spent and this one dollar is very valuable to someone because it is associated with love and smile.