What We Do - Just 1 Smile

We are in the world where everything is valued in terms of money but we do not understand that what we lose is the smile that was once freely available. End result the face of world looks gloomy. So here we are trying to put back the smile on the face of everyone so our world looks exactly like our Logo. We shall do that exactly by sharing our smile with those who need it badly.

Needy are those who have everything in their life- money, assets, what not-yet no smile on their face.

Rich are those who have nothing in life but always smile and still can contribute to the needy even though they themselves are needy.

So now how to work with this concept

Here is our solution

1) First of all click a selfy with someone who gave a smile to you
2) Next load it into our web site www.just1smile.com and also become a member
3) Fill up the membership form or just send the picture by mail including your details to jus1smile@hotmail.com
4) Now you have to take a decision as if you are needy or contributor
5) If you are needy then please tell us what is that you are in need of, that can put a smile on your face.
6) If you are a contributor then tell us how much smile point you can contribute to us that shall be deposited into your smile account
7) Each smile point is One Dollar
8) The contributor picture with an associate smile shall be loaded on to the contributor page
9) The needy picture with an associate shall be loaded separate on the needy boxes.
10) What we do now is to let needy contact you directly asking to transfer your smile point into their account and you have to make a decision
11 ) Yes you can have a contributor membership and also needy membership at the same time
12) In some case people who do not have money to join shall have the option to join as Smile Volunteer
13) The smile volunteers will be our worker busy bees who will help the needy and maintain the house in order. They will be given specific task to perform as per need and their choice. Yes every job comes with reward and all the reward they accumulate will make them eligible in turn to become a contributor. They can also join as needy if they choose.
14) So even a needy child can become a contributor because we sold their produce and the contribution is put into their account.
15) Every year we meet and review, every country will have a president who will coordinate the work and do various activities that suits best and all of us can be Smile volunteer, Smile partner or needy or contributor at the same time.
16) So by next year we shall see how much we have contributed to this world in our own way. It is so simple and easy please don’t hesitate to join it is just 1 dollar for one year as little as skipping a sip of coffee at Starbucks.